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The future trend of electroplating industry will be high-end environmental protection?

2022-12-13 07:35:27 View:1031

  Electroplating is one of the basic manufacturing processes, China is a big country electroplating, after the reform and opening up, electroplating industry has also entered a period of rapid development, a large number of foreign manufacturers into the Chinese Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Bay and other regions. During the “Fifteen” period, the application hot spot of electroplating technology continued to shift from machinery, light industry and other industries to the electronics and steel industries, and from purely protective decorative coatings to functional coatings, from the relative dispersion to the gradual integration of the transfer. Future trends: Cost Reduction and efficiency, high-end environmental protection. With the development of electronics, automobile, aviation, spaceflight, light industry, machinery and so on, and the improvement of automation, electroplating industry has gradually merged and entered into the processing and production processes of many industries, electroplating industry and high-end technology industries, products matching. As far as manufacturing is concerned, many advanced equipment and advanced manufacturing methods are gradually transferred to China, and the electroplating industry should also adapt to the development of modern manufacturing industry. Advanced Manufacturing will inevitably drive advanced. Electroplating industry, therefore, electroplating industry has a broad application prospects, the future output value, profit has a lot of room for improvement.

    The market demand for electroplating products is expanding, and the electroplating industry level of our country has been improved overall. The development trend of electroplating industry in our country is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, carrying out the prevention and control of electroplating pollution in an all-round way. In view of the serious situation of heavy metal pollution and pollution prevention and control in our country, in view of the strict requirements of the limit value of electroplating pollution emission standard in our country, the electroplating enterprises actively plan to invest funds into the reconstruction of facilities, taking into account the situation of their own enterprises, increase pollution control facilities to meet the new emission standards. Second, to the direction of high-end products. Electroplating Enterprises constantly improve and improve the production process and technical equipment level, electroplating products from low-end to high-end product development, and gradually realize by computer-controlled automated electroplating production line production, aDAPT to high-end product development requirements. Third, reduce production costs and improve efficiency. The high cost and low production efficiency of electroplating process are the common problems of electroplating enterprises in various regions. Due to disorderly competition, low-priced solicitation of orders, and poor economic returns, enterprises do not have enough funds to invest in improving environmental protection facilities and pollution control, so industrial restructuring must be carried out, the elimination of a number of serious pollution electroplating plants, enterprises to improve management efficiency, the implementation of cleaner production, reduce costs and consumption of the direction of change. Fourth, electroplating equipment modernization. The automation, intelligence and computerization of electroplating equipment will help to improve working efficiency, improve working conditions, reduce pollution and ensure the overall improvement of electroplating product quality. The automation, intelligentization and computerization of electroplating equipment will be gradually popularized in our electroplating industry.