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Features of semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

2022-12-13 07:30:54 View:1166

Semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is designed according to the user's specific process requirements of metal stamping parts to grease cleaning machine. The main use of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloy and other materials after stamping surface adhesion of oil and dust cleaning. Equipment features: 1, cleaning technology, flexible cleaning process, can be compatible with different materials, different requirements of cleaning needs. 2. Stainless steel liner, corrosion-resistant and practical 3. High-power transducer, three-stage ultrasonic cleaning, multiple ultrasonic frequency alternation, realized the organic combination of cleaning speed and cleaning effect. 4. The oil displacement system of the cleaning tank can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of the product. 5, the city water spray rinses, reduces the cleaning agent to enter the pure water rinses the Section 6, the overflow pure water rinses, reduces the sewage discharge, saves the use cost. 7, the Operation Switch decentralized design, facilitates the operator control.