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Elementary introduction to the operation principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

2022-12-13 07:37:40 View:988

  Because of the high speed and good quality of ultrasonic cleaning machine, and can greatly reduce environmental pollution, therefore, ultrasonic cleaning technology is being applied in more and more industrial sectors. Let's take a look at the operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Although the human can not hear the ultrasonic wave, but many animals have this ability. They can use ultrasound to“Navigate,” hunt for food, or avoid dangerous objects. You may have seen many bats flying back and forth in the yard on summer nights. Why do they fly in the dark without getting lost? The reason is that bats can send out ultrasonic waves of 2-100,000 hertz, which is like an active“Radar station.”. Bats use this“Sonar” to tell if an insect or obstacle is in front of them. And the mass of the radar is tens, hundreds, thousands of kilograms, and in some important performance accuracy. Anti-jamming capability, bat is superior to modern radio locators. In-depth study of the function and structure of various organs in animals, will gain knowledge to improve existing equipment, this is a new discipline developed in recent decades, called Bionics. We humans did not learn to use ultrasound until the World War, which is the use of“Sonar” principle to detect underwater objects and their status, such as the position of submarines. At this time, people send a series of ultrasonic waves to the water at different frequencies, and then record and process the echo, from the echo characteristics we can estimate the distance, shape and dynamic changes of the detector. Ultrasound was first used in medicine in 1942, when Austrian Doctor Dusik used it to scan brain structures, and in the 1960s doctors began to use it to detect abdominal organs. Now the ultrasonic scanning technology has become an indispensable tool for modern medical diagnosis.