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Stainless steel lock chemically champagne colored

2022-12-13 07:42:26 View:858

1. Surface coloring technology, through the company's scientific and technical personnel in the past ten years of continuous in-depth research, and finally make a self-intellectual property rights of stainless steel surface coloring technology applied to the actual production. The coloring technology invented by the company has the advantages of stable color reproducibility, simple and convenient production and maintenance, low cost and bright colors. Almost all of the stainless steel products can be colored, magnificent color change the past single color of stainless steel. After coloring, the stain protection and oxidation resistance of stainless steel surface were improved to different degrees, add stainless steel plump, beautiful appearance (sand and Polish can be) coloring materials: SUS304,430,316,1CR13,2CR13 stainless steel materials. Colour range: blue, dark blue, grey, grey-black, dark black, brown, multicolored and bronze. Equipment: design and manufacture production line for users; train and guide installation and debugging. Application: tableware, kitchenware, daily decorative products, electrical panel, luxury lock, watch band, etc. . Note: The colored film does not contain any additional pollutants such as harmful heavy metals.