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Pressure sand blasting machine

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  201,202,304,specialized in manufacturing stainless steel door flower green electrochemical polishing equipment,process,chemical products supporting the professional improvement,environmental protection and efficient and stable.
  1,automatic control,mass production,only the keys and loading and unloading operations,in a few minutes can achieve bright luster.
  2,can effectively remove the micro burr,improve the roughness,surface smooth and stainless steel corrosion resistant performance.
  3,automated production gantry crane hanging,hanging and translational ring type 3 kinds.
  二、Polishing equipment
  Professional in surface finishing for the inner surface of targe scale stainless steel prouducts.Automatic operate with one worker manipulate.Just for the custom's order.
  1、Fast,it takes just3-8min per batch every polishing;
  2、Environment-friendly,without melling and dust.Easy operation,just press the button and handle the parts;
  3、Up date to the internatioal trends,without harmful substances such as heavy metals or wax.After polishing the cleanliness achiebve health standards.